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Gay, Lesbian and Straight Suburbanites

(847) 563-3001 Ext 4776


GLASS was conceived on March 6th, 1999, by a group of nine friends (6 men/3 women).

The ideal behind the group is not that it is a formal organizationórather we are a group of friends....the kind of people you would invite to a party in addition to your other friends.

We do not charge any membership fee.  All of our events are "pay as you go."  Typically, half of our events are hosted (held in a member's home) and the other half are non-hosted (in public places).  Hosted events are often pot-luck events and BYOB.

We currently have a core group of about 20 members.  Our members vary in age from 28 to 60-something, and it's an approximate 2:1 ratio of men to women.

Some of our members have been out for years, some of them only recently.  Many of our members are straight.

Over the past year, we have:

We always welcome newcomers!  However, some of our events are considered "members only" events, and, for safety reasons, encourage newcomers to attend a non-hosted event first.

Please keep in mind that GLASS is a new organization, and we're always learning about creating a social group.  Yes, we've made some mistakes along the way, but as long as we can learn from them, things will be okay.

Is GLASS the right organization for you?  Fill out our request for information  and we'll have one of our members get in touch with you!


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